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It’s vital to instill good oral health habits in early childhood to ensure a healthy mouth throughout life. Dental caries (cavities) can spread from baby teeth to permanent teeth and create lasting damage. For pregnant individuals, there are clear connections between good oral health and positive maternal health outcomes.pregnant

Preventive oral health care—which means a child has access to regular oral exams and good oral hygiene— is key to improving overall health.

This starts with ensuring pregnant individuals have access to oral health care as well. Poor oral health can be linked to adverse birth outcomes.


cause elementary school students to miss an average of 2.1 days of school per year in Colorado.


the Data

of preschool children experience cavities in their baby teeth. This makes dental cavities one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood.
of children aged 6 to 11 have some form of tooth decay that requires treatment.
Source: Dye et al. 2017; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2019
of American children do not receive regular dental care because of social, economic, and geographic obstacles.
of parents of children younger than 18 years have knowledge of dental sealants, and the level of awareness is even lower among low-income and racial- and ethnic-minority parents.

Our Goal

To increase the number of children under the age of 6, their parents, and pregnant individuals who receive preventive oral health services in easy-to-access settings.
Who We Serve
Children under the age of 6, their parents, and pregnant individuals.
What Success Looks Like
Increase preventive oral health care utilization, improve oral health, and integrate oral health care in early childhood and maternal health care settings.
Portfolio Overview
Systems or Systems Change
Education and Outreach
Direct Services
Social Determinants of Health
BIPOC Served
Programs Statewide
Over $4,043,000 in Investments
From 2021 – 2024
32 Grantees
53,468 Individuals Served
Policy Priorities
  • Expand adoption of OH services in EC settings (e.g., WIC, Child Find)
  • Monitor the implementation of the Roadmap for Early Childhood Oral Health Equity
Our Impact
We partner with community organizations each day to maximize our collective impact and improve oral health equity for all. Hear directly from one of our partners, Chaffee County Oral Health Program, about its work on prevention.