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A Smile is the Same in Every Language

Starting a new job during a global pandemic was strange to say the least. I joined the team at Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation last year and hit the ground running. This is an amazing team, and I’m proud of the way we were able to support our communities most affected by COVID-19 through the 2020 […]

It’s OK to Ask for Help: Financial Resources for Your Family in Colorado

I’m incredibly passionate about health care equity, having been raised in and around disenfranchised communities for the better part of my life. I’m the seventh of eight kids in a family of mixed-status. My first language is Spanish, and the color of my skin is canela, cinnamon. As a teen mom, I tried to not be […]

Connecting the Coloradans Most Impacted by COVID-19 to Resources

When COVID-19 first swept across the nation, dental offices were closed except for emergency services. As the only dedicated oral health funder in Colorado, Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation (DDCOF) critically evaluated their role and how to best serve Colorado amid the present reality. Traditionally, DDCOF has partnered with communities to reimagine how they can access, […]

A window into health disparities

As a child, my parents ensured I went to the dentist twice a year. I was lucky enough to have braces (only one round) and all of my professional employment opportunities as an adult have provided access to dental insurance. I take my oral health seriously and I know it’s a privilege to have that […]

Why we Need More Oral Health Providers of Color

For generations, people of color have faced barriers in accessing health and oral health care within the U.S. As recently as the 1960’s, segregated health care facilities provided sub-par care and environments for minority patients and denied physician privileges to minority doctors. To this day, neighborhood segregation is linked to poor health outcomes, lower quality of care, […]

The Interconnected Elements of a Healthy Life

When I first joined Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation I didn’t know very much about oral health. I didn’t realize that nearly one in three Colorado kindergartners and half of all Colorado third graders have had at least one cavity. I didn’t know that your oral health is connected to more than 120 chronic health issues, such […]

A 2020 Equity Timeline

What does it mean to be equitable during these times? I have wrestled with this question throughout my career, especially over the past six months. In January, I started as executive director of the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation. Our mission is to elevate the well-being of all Coloradans by advancing oral health equity. To […]

COVID Responsive Community Relief Funding & Loans for Oral Health Providers

Learn more about our current funding opportunity for Colorado nonprofits providing wraparound services and our loan program for Colorado oral health provider practices.

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Our response to COVID-19

At Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, we’ve been closely monitoring developments related to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Coloradans are experiencing increased impacts on their lives and organizations are feeling the strain from COVID-19. Our team is committed to addressing the growing needs of our community and providing timely resources to address the changing dynamics across Colorado.

See our updated COVID-19 resource page.

Grant-making supports change on a local level

Our vision of a healthy smile for all includes advancing oral health equity and creating more accessible oral health care across the lifespan. Every community is unique and the people who know them best are the people who are part of them. That’s why Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation partners with communities to re-imagine how all of our […] The post Grant-making supports change on a local level appeared first on Delta Dental of Colorado Blog.

Working in A Culture of Giving Back

At Delta Dental of Colorado (DDCO), giving back is more than a requirement of our nonprofit status, it’s an integral part of our culture. The employees at DDCO have overwhelmingly big hearts, and we’d like to celebrate the many ways that they give back through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We encourage employees to find […] The post Working in A Culture of Giving Back appeared first on Delta Dental of Colorado Blog.

Advancing Policy to Improve Oral Health

Communities help us understand the challenge of accessing, understanding and valuing the importance of good oral health care. With our healthcare structure divided between medical and dental care, patients are challenged to get their needs met. Unfortunately, dental benefits are not a given for most people. In the last legislative session, Colorado made a smart […] The post Advancing Policy to Improve Oral Health appeared first on Delta Dental of Colorado Blog.