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Children’s Hospital Dental Center

October 3, 2017

Fox 31
Dental treatments are still not common among young kids. Valerie Haustein and Angela Howe talk about the dental program at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Learn more about how kids can benefit from this affordable program, which is sponsored by the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation.

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How to Prevent Cavities in Kids

October 2, 2017

Fox 21
Kim Wolff from Healthy Child Care Colorado educates viewers on how to prevent cavities in kids and ensure they do not suffer from oral health problems as adults.

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Bright by Three Provides Support for Colorado Families

September 20, 2017

Bright by Three, a foundation partner, delivers early childhood development tips directly to a parent’s phone. Jared Wigdor, Bright by Three’s Vice President and Chief Development Officer, talks about how families can sign up for this free program, including tips about oral health.

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Your Kid’s Teeth

August 30, 2017

Fox 31
Erika Weiss, the Associate Director of Education at the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, talks about the many exhibits the museum offers. She highlighted the Village of Healthy Smiles exhibit and how it teaches children the importance of good oral health.

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Healthy Child Care Colorado Focuses on Oral Health

August 30, 2017

Fox 21
Kim Wolff spoke to FOX Friend in the Business viewers about why Healthy Child Care Colorado partners with the foundation’s Cavities Get Around campaign to improve oral health in children all over the state.

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Oral Health and Overall Health Have a Huge Connection

August 17, 2017

The foundation works with the South Eastern Colorado Area Health Education Center (SECAHEC) to eliminate childhood tooth decay in the Pueblo region. SECAHEC volunteer and intern Jasmine Hall talks about the difference the Cavities Get Around Campaign is making in her community.

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Bright by Three Brings Parenting Tips to Your Fingertips

July 27, 2017

Fox 4 News
Bright by Three, a foundation partner, delivers early childhood development tips directly to a parent’s phone. Kathy Brendza, the group’s Regional Program Director, talks about this free program and how to subscribe to it.

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Your Healthy Family: Cavities get around campaign making progress in kids oral health

July 20, 2017

Dr. Cheryl Lerner, the Vice President of Network and Clinical Management with Delta Dental of Colorado, educates viewers on the high amounts of sugar in juice and how drinking a lot of it can be detrimental to a child’s teeth. The segment recognized the success of the Cavities Get Around campaign in reducing juice consumption in young children.

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Entrevista Delta Dental “Las caries se propagan”

July 10, 2017
El consumo de jugos puede provocar caries en los dientes de los menores de edad y Delta Dental lo explica mediante una prueba del consumo de golosinas.
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Westwood Unidos

June 13, 2017

Educa Radio
Muestras invitadas de hoy son Tracy Kaye Coordinadora de salud y Gaby Medina Educadora de Salud ambas por parte de Westwood Unidos para hablarnos de la campaña Cavities Get Around / Las Caries se Propagan.

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How Sweet is the Treat? The Denver Channel Finds Out!

June 6, 2017

Mile High Living

How much sugar is in the food items we commonly eat and drink? The Denver Channel had Wyatt Hornsby from the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation stop by to reveal the surprising amount of sugar hidden in the treats we all enjoy.

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Denver physician a key voice for updated juice guidelines

May 23, 2017

New recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics calling for much less fruit juice for children is, in part, a result of the work of Dr. Patty Braun, a physician who specializes in pediatrics at Denver Health and University of Colorado Hospital.

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Cavities Get Around Campaign: Caring for Baby Teeth

March 16, 2017

Dr. Kate Hart, a pediatric dentist with the Marillac Clinic, and Dr. Cassana Littler, a pediatrician with Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, share the importance of taking care of a child’s baby teeth.

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Delta Dental’s on a mission to reduce tooth decay in kids

December 30, 2016

KOAA5 – Your Healthy Family
The Delta Dental Foundation, a local nonprofit is on a mission to spread the word in Colorado of the importance of protecting your kids teeth. Especially when it comes to those sugary juice drinks.

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Simple tips to help your kids avoid cavities

December 12, 2016

Fox 31 Colorado’s Best
There are so many things parents do with the best of intentions, but some of those good intentions could actually be causing real damage in the form of tooth decay.  Dr. Cheryl Lerner, Dentist and VPof Network and Clinical Mgt. at Delta Dental, sheds light on what’s doing harm and easy ways to help prevent cavities.

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¿Cómo es que puedas animar los niños a beber más agua?

December 2, 2016

Univision Colorado (in spanish)
¿Cómo es que puedas animar los niños a beber más agua? Delta Dental of Colorado comparte consejos e ideas con familias.
How can you get your kids to drink more water? Delta Dental of Colorado shares some tips and ideas with families.

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Colorado education board considers lifting ban on diet soda in schools

September 13, 2016

The Denver Post
Health advocates are lobbying the Colorado Board of Education to overturn its decision last month lifting a seven-year ban on diet sodas in high schools.

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Delta Dental – your child’s teeth

September 1, 2016

Colorado’s Best
It’s not something we think about every day but dental hygiene for kids is a major issue. Childhood tooth decay is now one of the most common reasons kids visit the ER.

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Cavities Get Around, Baby Teeth Matter

August 31, 2016

Fox31 Denver
Wyatt Hornsby, Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation’s Campaign Director, joins us today on Daybreak to discuss the Cavities Get Around campaign.

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School eliminates sugary snack served as fruit

August 24, 2016

A sugary snack once served as a breakfast fruit at a Denver Public School is now gone thanks to a group of parents and an organization dedicated to helping Latino families cut out sugar.

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Keep the soda ban

August 12, 2016

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
Let’s hope the District 51 school board exercises better judgment about what constitutes healthy beverages than the state board of education did Wednesday.

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Colorado board to vote on ending diet-soda ban in high schools

August 10, 2016

The Denver Post
A proposal to lift the seven-year ban on diet sodas in Colorado’s high schools would feed a variety of health problems among the state’s school kids, including obesity and tooth decay, health advocates say.

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Just say no to diet sodas in Colorado high schools

August 7, 2016

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

The Colorado State Board of Education is meeting in Grand Junction on Wednesday on the Colorado Mesa University campus and will consider a policy with far-reaching impacts on the health and wellness of our state’s 900,000 public school students.

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Will diet soda be allowed back in Colorado high schools?

July 28, 2016
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Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation Celebrates Second Annual Oral Health Champions

July 15, 2016

Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation (DDCOF) has announced the winners of its second annual Oral Health Champion Awards (video link). These awards celebrate efforts to help eradicate the most common chronic disease of childhood: tooth decay.

Two organizations and two individuals have been recognized with 2016 Oral Health Champion Awards. Read about the winners in our press release.

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How much sugar is added to your juice? You’ll soon know.

May 24, 2016

The Denver Post

Thanks to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recently announced overhaul of nutrition labels, families will soon know how much sugar is added to packaged foods and drinks. That means they can make healthier choices.

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Groups work with Latinos to remove stigma associated with tap water

April 1, 2016

ABC Denver7
Two Denver groups have joined forces to convince Latinos living in Colorado that tap water is safe and worth drinking.

Delta Dental of Colorado along with Westwood Unidos are holding community sessions to work with Latino families in the area that may hold a stigma toward tap water.

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In Denver, Persuading Latino Immigrants to Trust the Tap Water

March 31, 2016

New York Times

Maria Cruz stays away from the tap. So does Monserrat Trejo. And then there is Lucero González — also an immigrant from Mexico — who, on a recent afternoon, shoved a shopping cart across the parking lot at Mi Pueblo Market. Inside: Nothing but water. Ninety-six bottles of it.

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Water Promoter Inspires Neighborhood

March 17, 2016

Salud America!
In the neighborhood of Westwood, in Denver, Colo. (79.36%), the pure, fresh mountain tap water is not only the best option for local residents but also the healthiest. But many of the area’s foreign-born population (34.96%) still distrust the safety of drinking tap water in general. However, Gaby Medina, a health educator, works to ensure that her family and friends understand that tap water is far safer, healthier, and more affordable than sugary drinks.

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Selling The Health Benefits Of Denver’s Tap Water — After Flint

February 13, 2016


The crisis of contaminated water in Flint, Mich., is making a public health message like this one harder to get across: In most communities, the tap water is perfectly safe. And it is much healthier than sugary drinks.

That’s a message that Dr. Patty Braun, a pediatrician and oral health specialist at Denver Health, spends a lot of time talking to her patients about.

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Tackling poor dental health in Colorado kids

January 11, 2016


It’s called a “silent epidemic” in the state of Colorado: poor dental health in kids. “It can impair a child’s ability to eat, to form words,” said Wyatt Hornsby with the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation. In Colorado, the public health numbers are staggering. Tooth decay affects about 40-percent of kindergartners and 55-percent of third graders.

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Moving the Needle on the #1 Chronic Disease of Childhood

January 7, 2016

The results of a new study by Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation demonstrate the effectiveness of the bilingual Cavities Get Around campaign in the effort to prevent tooth decay, the #1 chronic disease of childhood and a “silent epidemic.” The study, conducted by HealthCare Research, Inc., was given to 600 low-income families in English and Spanish across Colorado, and shows significant progress toward improving child oral health by reducing consumption of juices and drinking more water.

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Denver Works To Get Latino Families To Trust The Tap Water

December 21, 2015


At a downtown Denver clinic, a skinny 7-year-old with straight black hair named Marlene is getting a pair of fillings. Dr. Patty Braun, a pediatrician and oral health specialist at Denver Health, talks with Marlene about what she drinks, asking if she drinks tap water.

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Cavities Get Around Visits Mile High Living

September 15, 2015

Our Cavities Get Around Campaign Director, Wyatt Hornsby, was on The Denver Channel during the Dr. Mehmet Oz show. He spoke with Gina Belich about how much sugar is in the juice we give our kids.

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Oral Health Groups Applaud Denver Water Board’s Decision to Stay the Course on Fluoridation

August 8, 2015

The Colorado Dental Association, Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation and Oral Health Colorado today issued the following statements on the Denver Water board’s decision to continue optimal fluoridation of the system’s water. Fluoridated drinking water is proven to reduce and prevent tooth decay.

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Dental Care Available at Summit Middle School Health Center Throughout August

July 30, 2015

Summit County students are encouraged to take advantage of the last few weeks of summer and come back to school with healthy smiles. Summit Community Care Clinic’s Healthy Smiles Program is currently offering a variety of preventive dental health services at the Summit Middle School health center under the direction of registered dental hygienist Emily Millner.

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Dental Care Available at Leadville High School Health Center Throughout August

July 30, 2015

Leadville students are encouraged to take advantage of the last few weeks of summer and come back to school with healthy smiles. Summit Community Care Clinic’s Healthy Smiles Program is currently offering a variety of preventive dental health services at the new Lake County High School health center. Under the direction of registered dental hygienists Emily Milner, Amanda Hamilton and Megan Jackson, the services provided include oral health education, exams, regular cleanings, x-rays, fluoride varnishes and sealants.

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Tooth decay: A silent epidemic, especially for poor kids in Colorado

March 12, 2015

At Children’s Hospital Colorado alone, more than 3,000 children visited the operating room for dental surgery last year. The cost: $10,000 to $15,000 per case, said Dr. Patty Braun, a pediatrician at Denver Health. CPR’s John Daley reported on dental care and poverty.

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Set healthy habits for kids’ teeth this February

February 18, 2014

is Children’s Dental Health Month, a time to educate families across our state on what we can all do at home to help prevent the No. 1 chronic disease in kids today: tooth decay. As part of National Children’s Oral Health Month and to promote our new brush-together pledge, an op-ed piece by Dr. Okuji ran in the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

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Delta Dental of Colorado Tooth Fairy Interviewed on Despierta Colorado

September 20, 2013

Mirella Chavez, Community Benefits Coordinator by day and Tooth Fairy by night, was interviewed on Despierta Colorado. She discussed the importance of brushing your teeth together, her busy schedule attending Delta Dental events, and the Brush With Me campaign. Pearl E White, the biggest tooth she’s ever collected, also garnered some screen time. The segment aired on Despierta Colorado on September 26, October 1 and October 9.

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Brush with Me Campaign Director Interviewed on Local Radio Station

August 29, 2013

Wyatt Hornsby, Campaign Director at Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, interviewed with Kathie J from the radio station KS107.5 to support the Brush With Me campaign. They talked about the link between dental health and academic success, and how back-to-school time offers the perfect opportunity to set a new family routine of brushing together. Wyatt also highlighted that oral surgery is the number one reason children are brought to the OR at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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Dr. Patty Braun discusses Brush with Me on “Good Day Colorado”

August 22, 2013

Dr. Patty Braun, a pediatrician at Denver Health’s Eastside Family Health Center, discussed the importance of dental health at a young age and the Brush With Me campaign on Fox 31’s Good Day Colorado. She covered how cavities form, what parents can do to keep their kids cavity free and how to make brushing together fun for kids. Patty also emphasized the importance of oral health to overall health and why as a pediatrician she is passionate about this issue.

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Radio Disney Features Brush with Me

August 12, 2013

Barbara Springer, Executive Director of Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, was interviewed by Radio Disney on the Brush With Me campaign. She was joined in studio by Dr. Patty Braun, a pediatrician at Denver Health’s Eastside Family Health Center, to discuss the importance of dental health as a community issue.

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Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation and The Children’s Museum of Denver on “Colorado and Company”

June 28, 2013

Barbara Springer, Executive Director of Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, appeared on Colorado and Company on KUSA 9News to promote the Brush With Me campaign. During the broadcast, she spoke to why the Foundation has launched this campaign, shared dental health home care solutions for parents, and tips for getting parents to brush with their kids every day.

Barbara was joined by our Brush with Me giant tooth, Pearl E. White, and a community partner Sarah Brenkert, Director of Education at The Children’s Museum of Denver, who shared the ways in which the museum plans to reach Colorado families through their upcoming dental health programming starting in July.

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Cecelia Edwards Discusses Brush with Me Campaign on Despierta Colorado

June 5, 2013

Spanish-language morning show Despierta Colorado hosted Cecelia Edwards, Dental Director at Salud Family Health Center in Fort Lupton. She covered the importance of brushing together and only putting water in sippy cups between meals and at bedtime. Cecelia is a Brush With Me Campaign Advisor and speaks on behalf of the Foundation to help increase awareness.

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Kid’s Health: Delta Dental’s Brush With Me Campaign

May 31, 2013

The Tooth Fairy is the face of any and all tooth-related magic for gap-toothed kids. We don’t doubt that this bicuspid scavenger can wave a mean wand (hey, we have to maintain the tale for future generations), but a Colorado nonprofit is working some even fiercer magic.

Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation’s Brush With Me campaign, which launched in April, aims to educate families about the importance of taking care of kids’ teeth. The goal: drastically reducing child tooth decay. There’s endless chatter around childhood obesity, but dental disease remains a silent menace that effects nearly 600,000 children before they start kindergarten and 53 percent of low-income kindergarteners. Tooth decay is the most chronic childhood disease—it’s four times more common than early childhood obesity—despite being almost entirely preventable.

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