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Medical Dental Integration

February 21, 2017

KOAA – Your Healthy Family
Have you heard of the The Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation’s Colorado Medical Dental Integration Program? It’s doing amazing things in smaller communities across Colorado.

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Delta Dental’s on a mission to reduce tooth decay in kids

December 30, 2016

KOAA – Your Healthy Family
The Delta Dental Foundation, a local nonprofit is on a mission to spread the word in Colorado of the importance of protecting your kids teeth. Especially when it comes to those sugary juice drinks.

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Delta Dental foundation awards grants for tooth regenerator, bacteria-free retainer and more new tech

December 13, 2016

Denver Business Journal
At a time when Denver business leaders are trying to promote the metro area as a pioneer in health care technology and innovation, a major foundation today put its own spin on that effort, offering its first-ever grants to research groups and for-profit companies working on out-of-the-box solutions to try to improve oral health care.

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Simple tips to help your kids avoid cavities

December 12, 2016

Fox 31 Colorado’s Best
There are so many things parents do with the best of intentions, but some of those good intentions could actually be causing real damage in the form of tooth decay.  Dr. Cheryl Lerner, Dentist and VPof Network and Clinical Mgt. at Delta Dental, sheds light on what’s doing harm and easy ways to help prevent cavities.

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¿Cómo es que puedas animar los niños a beber más agua?

December 2, 2016

Univision Colorado (in spanish)
¿Cómo es que puedas animar los niños a beber más agua? Delta Dental of Colorado comparte consejos e ideas con familias.
How can you get your kids to drink more water? Delta Dental of Colorado shares some tips and ideas with families.

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People on the Move: Allison Cusick

November 1, 2016

Denver Business Journal
Allison Cusick, MPA will be the new Executive Director. A public health professional with 18 years of nonprofit and oral health leadership experience, Cusick currently serves as the Senior Program Officer for DDCOF.

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Dental hygienists at Northwest Colorado Health practice at the top of their license while working in a primary care setting

October 1, 2016

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene
As dental professionals well know, oral health is directly connected to overall health. Dental hygienists take thorough health histories to be aware of systemic conditions, inquire about various medications and dosages to evaluate for oral health implications, and take blood pressure readings.

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Colorado education board considers lifting ban on diet soda in schools

September 13, 2016

The Denver Post
Health advocates are lobbying the Colorado Board of Education to overturn its decision last month lifting a seven-year ban on diet sodas in high schools.

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Low Income Pregnant Women Get Medical And Dental Care In Same Setting

September 5, 2016

CBS4 Denver
Regular medical checkups are recommended for pregnant women, but doctors will tell you oral care is important as well.

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Cavities Get Around, Baby Teeth Matter

August 31, 2016

Fox31 Denver
Wyatt Hornsby, Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation’s Campaign Director, joins us today on Daybreak to discuss the Cavities Get Around campaign.

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