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How Sweet is the Treat? The Denver Channel Finds Out!

June 6, 2017

Mile High Living How much sugar is in the food items we commonly eat and drink? The Denver Channel had Wyatt Hornsby from the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation stop by to reveal the surprising amount of sugar hidden in the treats we all enjoy.

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Denver physician a key voice for updated juice guidelines

May 23, 2017

9News New recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics calling for much less fruit juice for children is, in part, a result of the work of Dr. Patty Braun, a physician who specializes in pediatrics at Denver Health and University of Colorado Hospital.

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Cavities Get Around Campaign: Caring for Baby Teeth

March 16, 2017 Dr. Kate Hart, a pediatric dentist with the Marillac Clinic, and Dr. Cassana Littler, a pediatrician with Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, share the importance of taking care of a child’s baby teeth.

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Delta Dental’s on a mission to reduce tooth decay in kids

December 30, 2016

KOAA5 – Your Healthy Family The Delta Dental Foundation, a local nonprofit is on a mission to spread the word in Colorado of the importance of protecting your kids teeth. Especially when it comes to those sugary juice drinks.

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Simple tips to help your kids avoid cavities

December 12, 2016

Fox 31 Colorado’s Best There are so many things parents do with the best of intentions, but some of those good intentions could actually be causing real damage in the form of tooth decay.  Dr. Cheryl Lerner, Dentist and VPof Network and Clinical Mgt. at Delta Dental, sheds light on what’s doing harm and easy ways to help prevent cavities.

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¿Cómo es que puedas animar los niños a beber más agua?

December 2, 2016

Univision Colorado (in spanish) ¿Cómo es que puedas animar los niños a beber más agua? Delta Dental of Colorado comparte consejos e ideas con familias. How can you get your kids to drink more water? Delta Dental of Colorado shares some tips and ideas with families.

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Colorado education board considers lifting ban on diet soda in schools

September 13, 2016

The Denver Post Health advocates are lobbying the Colorado Board of Education to overturn its decision last month lifting a seven-year ban on diet sodas in high schools.

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Delta Dental – your child’s teeth

September 1, 2016

Colorado’s Best It’s not something we think about every day but dental hygiene for kids is a major issue. Childhood tooth decay is now one of the most common reasons kids visit the ER.

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Cavities Get Around, Baby Teeth Matter

August 31, 2016

Fox31 Denver Wyatt Hornsby, Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation’s Campaign Director, joins us today on Daybreak to discuss the Cavities Get Around campaign.

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School eliminates sugary snack served as fruit

August 24, 2016

7News A sugary snack once served as a breakfast fruit at a Denver Public School is now gone thanks to a group of parents and an organization dedicated to helping Latino families cut out sugar.

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