About Us

Improving Colorado’s oral health for a healthier community.

Our Background

For more than 15 years, Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation has been working to make good dental health a community priority. Since dental disease is almost 100 percent preventable, we believe our efforts to improve oral health will result in a healthier Colorado. Read more in the Delta Dental Colorado Foundation 2016 Annual Report.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the foundation is solely funded by Delta Dental of Colorado. Together with our partners, we implement innovative programs and public policies. Our initiatives:

  • Help eradicate cavities in Colorado’s kids.
  • Fund educational programs that target vulnerable families.
  • Support dental health education for medical and dental students (and providers).
  • Focus on teaching good dental habits and prevention.
  • Stress the importance of dental health for pregnant women and children.
  • Initiate policy changes that improve communities.

Review our Form 990.