Announcing Our New Mission

March 19, 2018

At Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, we think about oral health every day. It is a window into individual and community well-being. We’re committed to partnering with communities so more people have healthier smiles.

Today, we’re excited to announce our new mission: to elevate the well-being of Coloradans by improving oral health equity.

Everyone has a smile.

We are expanding our focus because oral health impacts Coloradans of all ages. By including all Coloradans, we ensure that oral health is considered across the lifespan – from pregnant women and children to adults and seniors.
We are looking for new opportunities to work within our three focus areas:

  • Access to care
  • Prevention of tooth decay
  • Connections of oral health to overall health

We’re on a journey.

As our board and staff commit to understanding equity, we value hearing different voices throughout Colorado. We are strengthening our work with communities to create opportunities for people that have historically been overlooked.
Health equity isn’t one size fits all. Social determinants, like age, residence, income and ethnicity, impact a person’s oral health. There isn’t one solution for everyone.

When regular dental care isn’t accessible, it makes sense that oral health inequities occur. These inequities have negative consequences from quality of life and life expectancy to rates and severity of disease.

That’s why we look forward to collaborating with a variety of people and organizations to design and implement activities that have the greatest potential to improve oral health in Colorado communities.

Later in the year, we will be offering responsive grant funding opportunities for the first time. We believe our current as well as new partners will draw our attention to unique approaches to move towards oral health equity.

Join us on our journey to improve oral health equity. We want to hear from you – your stories, values and ideas about this topic.

Check out this video announcing our new mission and learn how you can join the conversation.

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